Finn is a musical outfit from a near extinct walk of life, Heralded as the last of the travelling minstrels, They are a rhythm and blues band, who play the music of their generation and are still writing it, Finn are some of the last of their kind.

Three individuals plucked from a generation where being a musician had nothing to do with auto tune, reality TV shows or even choreographed dance moves. 30 years ago, when the band had a Commer van for the gear, with a crank handle to start it, Finn were touring. 20 years ago when MTV grabbed the music industry by the scruff of the neck and shook it, Finn were touring. And this year, (still in a van this time a Tarago), Finn are still on tour.
With their 8th album due to be released, Finn continues to deliver their trade to pubs and clubs in every town throughout Australia, large or small. They have performed at almost every major blues festival in Australia and are constantly touring the country. 10 years ago dragging a trailer and a Ford round the country Finn were touring.

Jim Finn Vocals/Drums/Songwriter/Producer. Jim began playing drums at age 5, performing his first professional gig at 11. Has been leading his own band 'Finn', producing 6 studio cd's and taken the band to Memphis and Europe and runs the flamin' beauties cover band for the last 20 years as a sideline. Performed with: - Phyllis Diller. William Shakespeare. Chris Turner. Robert Susz, Dave Tice, Pete Wells, Doug Williams band. Bridie and the boogie kings. Has recorded with Wendy Saddington, Kate Dunbar, Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Roadnight, Sally King, John Power, Don Hopkins, Dennis Aubrey, to name a few. Runs the muso's Jams weekly.Performed at Bridgetown, Australian Blues Fest Goulburn, Bimbadgen, S/ West Sydney. Byron Bay, Festival Thredbo, Narooma Festivals. Ran company Finnrow records, which were instrumental in bringing US, act Convertible Blondes to Aust. and got them to 46 on the Aria top 100 chart.Jim's company 'front room records' have produced albums for many other acts.

Jim Finn Lead vocals and drums.
Jim is truly the last of the 'Aussie highwaymen, he is on the road 50 weeks of the year, travelling all round the world plying his trade, he began playing drums at age 5, first professional gig at 11.
Has been leading his own band 'Finn', singing, writing, playing drums and producing 7 studio cd's and has taken the band to the US, playing in Memphis and San Francisco as well as Europe 4 times.
Performed with: - Phyllis Diller, Mick Taylor, Lucky Peterson, Charles and Cyril Nevil (Neville Bro), Robert Susz (Dynamic Hepnotics), Chris Turner, Dave Tice and Pete Wells (Buffalo, Rose Tattoo) whilst in Sydney.
Has recorded with Wendy Saddington, Kate Dunbar, Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Roadknight, Sally King, John Power, Don Hopkins, Dennis Aubrey, Al Britton and Mike Gubb, to name a few, performed at most major Australian Blues festivals, Cork Roots festival and the Blackstairs Blues festival in Ireland. Jim's also produced over 16 albums music with his company 'front room records'
“Dear Big Rock, I went to see Finn last week at Ruby’s in Rozelle and I am writing to tell you how good they are. I guess you know that already as they are available on your Big Rock web site. I first was aware of them after seeing them on Songwriters Across Australia. I then purchased one of their CD’s from your website. Last Sunday, after some research, I turned up at Ruby’s to see them; what a great show it was. I normally wouldn’t go to a pub to see a band as I find the screens and sporting punters obnoxious and rude but Ruby’s was a pleasant surprise. Jim Finn and his band were fantastic, with a blend of songs that we knew and some of the tunes from the recently purchased album. The night flew by; great band, great Muso’s. The audience were responsive and lively and one of the highlights was when Jim’s son, Tomi, jumped up with the band and sang a couple of his dads’ songs. I will be tuned in to Big Rock Radio waiting to hear more from this great band.”
— Big Rock, Finn at Ruby's

FINN (JIM FINN, PAUL SURANY, MIKE BELLAMY) AT RUBY L'OTEL 19 APRIL 2015 WITH GUESTS ROSS WAREKER, JILL HARDY, CHRIS M MURPHY, ROSS WARD, DAN THE BARMAN, CHRIS TURNER. THE BEST NIGHT OF PUB ROCK I HAVE HEARD IN MY LIFE!!! James Finn, Once again thank you. That was the best single night of pub rock I have heard anywhere in my life. And I was thrilled to be part of it, thank you, so I will remember it with pride for a very long time. And thanks for your kind words. You were astonishing last night. The complexity, application, dexterity, subtlety and inventiveness of your drumming was way above anything I have heard in Oz. And I would say that even if our mate xxxx xxxxxx was in the room!! And you guys worked so hard with seamless segues and unfailing energy. So well done!!" Many thanks Chris, this was unsolicited by the by.”
— Chris Murphy, Finn at Ruby's

“Hi Jim, like it lots....I featured it on Mojos the week before Xmas and still playing a track or 2 weekly. Jim's writing some interesting tunes and his voice seems to be getting more delta bluesy every album....great guitar work as usual from Paul.....I actually popped the disc into my CD player for a drive to a gig up in Kiama ( 2hours there and 2 back) and just kept it playing probably 4 or 5 times.kept me happy... Cheers Tony”
— Tony Jaggers, Mojo's Radio show

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